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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice



STUBBORN Consulting works at the intersection of social justice, inclusive practice and transformative change. The overarching goal is to bring about change in social and organizational structures that does justice to a diverse and complex society.

Strengthening marginalized voices and promoting diversity, inclusion and equity are central to this. STUBBORN uses various formats to promote critical awareness-raising and sustainable change.

  • Developing Diversity-Conscious & Anti-Discriminatory Organizations and Teams / (Strategic) Consulting

  • Trainings, seminars and lectures

  • Personal & organizational analysis and awareness-raising

A change process for everyone


STUBBORN Consulting works with all those who want to engage in knowledge acquisition, justice and sustainable change - be it in projects, NGOs, NPOs, government institutions, political organizations, companies or privately. We advocate for all-encompassing inclusion and equity that reaches every sector of our society.

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Foto: Nicola Kosović

As a consultant, strategist, trainer and supervisor, Angelo Camufingo combines extensive expertise and practical experience in the field of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and organizational development. His expertise spans a variety of DEI-related topics, with particular specialization in the areas of racism, emotions/socio-emotional learning, and solidarity and allyship.


Since 2017, Angelo has contributed his expertise to a number of projects, organizations and institutions at national and international level. In doing so, he regularly supports teams of different sizes and compositions, from volunteers to executives. Most notably, he stands out for his cross-role experience as a community organizer, anti-racism consultant, education policy advisor, lecturer, project assistant and currently project manager of KomPAD (Kompetenznetzwerk Anti-Schwarzer Rassismus) at Each One Teach One (EOTO) e.V.. 

With a background in teaching, he also brings a pedagogical perspective to his multi-faceted areas of responsibility, which underlines his ability to make complex content understandable and accessible.


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Development of diversity-sensitive & discrimination-critical organisations and teams / strategic consulting

Organizational Development

Process support


(Advanced) trainings and seminars

Workshops & Trainings


Lectures, inputs

Panel discussions


Personal & organisational reflection and awareness-raising

Critical Awareness Coaching

Individual/professional coaching



Initiative  "Haltung zeigen –

Vielfalt stärken"

"We have been working with Angelo Camufingo since 2021 for various event formats on the topic of (anti-)racism. As a trainer and speaker, we regularly conduct awareness-raising workshops and in-house training courses with him, both in person and online, as well as formats for peer exchange and case counselling in our nationwide network.

His workshops enable an in-depth personal, everyday and professional, but also historical and discursive examination of (anti-)racism and (anti-)discrimination. We and our participants greatly appreciate Angelo's expertise, didactics, professionalism and personality as well as the collaboration with him."


Thank you!
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